Black Diamond Parameters

Particular researchers have the belief that the stone really has extraterrestial roots, given that the traces of hydrogen and nitrogen found in the stone. In this website we instruct the consumer about standard vs premium quality diamonds. The highest quality Black diamonds are jet black, devoid of any visible white lines, and ought to be brightly colored cut.Historically, Black Diamonds weren’t always highly appreciated or considered. It just from the 20th century which jewellery consumers began to show interest in the rock, with designers utilizing them in contrast configurations alongside colorless Diamonds.

Quality Factors

Naturally occuring Black Diamonds really are a much rarer phenomenon than normal, sterile Diamonds. Therefore, most Black Diamonds that can be found in the marketplace these days are laboratory-treated, which will be a recognized business practice.Since Black Diamonds fall away from the colour assortment of GIA’s International Diamond Grading system, they’re assessed with the Color Grading System for Colored Diamonds.In brief, a user can determine a mean Black Diamond in a premium quality Black Diamond, in another way –A typical Black Diamond; may have observable lines (usually white), on the surface of the rock, and won’t be entirely opaque.At Diamondère, we just use these pure AAA jet black diamonds that are brightly cut and represent the top 10 percent of Black Diamonds mined worldwide.


Organic Black Diamonds are now colorless or completely opaque stones, using big amounts or’clouds’ of mineral inclusions like graphite. Contrary to White Diamonds, that can be generally found in 1 big crystal, these jewels comprise of multiple crystals. What’s more, the black colour we see is due not just to the inclusions in the rock, but also to the character of the minerals arrangement, which absorbs light, instead of refelcting it. Normally, Black Diamonds are for the most part low quality White Diamonds which are heat treated or’burnt’ in the demanding condition, to acheive the black color. This ends in the procedure being time-consuming, and extremely intensive. A client should always opt to get a brightly trim Black Diamond.

Clarity & Luster

Given their naturally occuring condition of being opaque and heavily comprised, Black Diamonds don’t qualify to get rated on the GIA Clarity Scale.This isn’t important nonetheless, as given their dark colour the stones don’t in any situation, refract light in addition to their white counterparts.The surface of a Black Diamond should sparkle with higher lustre, providing an almost metallic look, with uniform colour throughout the rock.


Black Diamond is one of those rare colored diamonds in which an individual can expect exactly the exact same colour of black round any dimension / carat of stone.SourceNatural Black Diamonds are incredibly rare, and so exceptionally pricey, simply being found in hardly any places, such as Brazil and Central Africa.


While the ideal method to wash any Diamond is using an expert gardener, you can always wash your stone in your home — just take a bowl of warm water, and include liquid handwash or some other mild soap on it. No challenging detergents are suggested. Do remember, that because of it has numerous inclusions and cracks, Black Diamond is much more vulnerable to breakage if handled roughly.

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